The Good Daughter – Book Review

Title: The Good Daughter Author: Karin Slaughter My Rating: 5/5 Summary: Samantha aka Sam and Charlotte aka Charlie are daughters of a defense attorney Rusty Quinn from Pikeville. Rusty is known for defending and freeing the local criminals. Harriet Quinne aka Gamma, his wife is a brilliant woman with expertise in physics and astronomy. Her family members…… Continue reading The Good Daughter – Book Review

Flying without Wings – Book Review

Title: Flying without Wings Author: Rishabh Puri My Rating: 4/5 Summary: Karan is the rich son of a successful businessman. He is a survivor of hyperlipidemia since his childhood who has undergone mutiple heart surgeries and bears the scars of his battle on his chest. Unfortunately he ends up with women who use him for…… Continue reading Flying without Wings – Book Review

Thirteen Reasons Why – Book Review

Title: Thirteen Reasons Why Author: Jay Asher My Rating: 3/5 Summary: Hannah Baker is a teen who has committed suicide. Two weeks post her death, Clay Jensen receives a set of tapes where he listens to Hannah explaining the thirteen reasons for her death. The tapes have already been passed among people who have made…… Continue reading Thirteen Reasons Why – Book Review

The Room on the Roof- Book Review

Title: The Room on the Roof Author: Ruskin Bond My Rating: 4/5 Summary: The story revolves around a seventeen year old Anglo-Indian boy, Rusty. Rusty finds his life dull and empty due to his guardian’s strict attitude. Curbed by his guardian’s rules, Rusty once finds a taste of freedom while meeting three guys Somi, Suri,…… Continue reading The Room on the Roof- Book Review

My Name is Lucy Barton – Book Review

Title: My Name is Lucy Barton Author: Elizabeth Strout My Rating: 3/5 Summary: Lucy Barton is in hospital after a surgery. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and has a decent living with her loving husband. She is alone and is surprised to see her mother visit in the hospital, as they havent…… Continue reading My Name is Lucy Barton – Book Review

The Girls – BookReview

Title: The Girls Author: Emma Cline My Rating: 4/5 Synopsis: The story begins with Evie Boyd, a middle aged woman, who is currently in her friend’s vacation house, switching in between temporary jobs. One night she hears a break-in. She is relieved to see her friend Dan’s son Julian and his girlfriend Sasha. As she sees the wild…… Continue reading The Girls – BookReview

TBR pile up #Bookaholic Confession

I always have this urge to check upon reviews of latest books, ratings and summary of famous books. I cant seem to control it anyway. And what happens next! We all know. Yes, my amazon cart overflows with all the books in my wishlist. A special thanks to Amazon here, coz I rely mostly on…… Continue reading TBR pile up #Bookaholic Confession